but courage need not be remembered...

for it is never forgotten.

woah, watch out! you've stumbled upon STAR SPRINGS, agatha's neocities page. as advertisers choke more and more personality out of the internet, i miss the web of yore. it used to be common to find personal websites scattered around like little stars in a bigger constellation, but nowadays, you're basically forced onto social media to get in any human contact online. even then, social media is getting clogged with bot accounts...
so this is my little internet hole. it was made for me. using the map above, you can find yourself on all sorts of pages. i love video games and horror, and i write about all kinds of things; you'll find it all here, as well as whatever i might want to catalogue online for whatever reason.

i picked star springs because i love astronomy and a certain segment from carl sagan's cosmos (1980) made quite the impact on me. a spring is an entrance point for water bursting from underground to push it's way to the surface, but it's also the season where flowers bloom again after winter frost has fled. so, "star springs" means resilience to me. this is the first version of STAR SPRINGS, featuring artwork of link and zelda from age of calamity: breath of the wild. the layout features brushes by sixxtear and tricorn design. the fonts you are looking at are cinzel, tiro devanagari marathi, maginia, and lost castedral. because the main color is a pale yellow, i called this layout wheat while coding it by hand.


DATE / 2.1.2023
i've created a page for my tarot collection!

DATE / 1.28.2023
tap in, player two is now up and running. it has 6 different pages up for you to click through, if you'd like to! i should have another page up by monday night also. 💗

DATE / 1.22.2023
this layout is here to stay, i promise. i've created a history page, for viewing previous layouts, if you miss an old one.
at the time of writing, i have converted three reviews to html and am in the middle of coding a page for my game reviews! i hope it have it up very soon.

DATE / 1.18.2023
i added a page for any and all fanlistings i join!

DATE / 1.4.2023
hilariously still under work but a new layout never hurt no one.

DATE / 6.4.2022
it's a work in progress but i think i'm okay with the layout as of now. eventually, i'll use this to talk about coding, writing, and maybe post some artwork at some point, but for now, i just have this little landing page. please look forward to it.